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GT6 Respray


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Hi All


Its been a long time. i know this discussion has probably been discussed before but..


I am now the owner of a GT6 mk2, my friend made me an offer i couldn't refuse for the Spitfire.


I have had the GT6 since December and i bought it off a friend who has now retired and moved away so had no room for the car at his new house. He has owned the car for many years and decided to fully restore it in 1993. He got so far before the effort dwindled and the car was left in the garage until December.


The car is in good condition but the paint work has suffered and now looks and peels like orange peel.


I have been to a few oh my local car painters and they all seem to be a similar price of £3500. When speaking to them they said in need to be taken back to metal and started again. There are some patches where the filler seams to be coming off the car and a few rust spots.


Now i have saved up enough to get the car resprayed i have a few questions.


1. is £3500 a good price?

2. As its going back to bare metal, what colour should i get it painted in (my favorites are Valencia blue and British racing green)?


Is there any pictures to compare colours 


As you can imagine i only want to do this once and now i have my first child on the way i want to get it done ASAP.






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£3500 sounds broadly right for a decent job, and allowing for stripping.

But do get recommendations, some are good, some not so.

Clour, either the original, or then again whatever takes your fancy. If a colour change you may need to allow extra for underbonnet and so on.


If you want a decent, but not absolutely top flight job, at very fair rates, contact Andy Dann at classic resprays. Knows his Triumphs rather well....


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Hi Andy

If the paint job is poor, expect filler do try to check the usual places with a magnet in your hand (you'll get a light feel where there is no Steel).

I'm sure the price quoted does not include any repairs to the metal, these cars rot from the bottom up. This may sound obvious but there,s no point in having a smashing looking car that is a death trap.

Have you contacted your local club to see if there's any one that can come over to look at the car to advise whether its worth the investment?

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Hi Guys


Thanks for your replies. Feel better about spending that amount of money now. i have 3 paint shops in mind so will be going to all of them to see how good they are 2 on those have been recommended. 


The body work is in great condition in minimal rust. 


i didn't pay that much for the car so have a but of wriggle room as far as if its worth it financially.


However i do not want to have to get it resprayed again.





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It's rarely worth it financially. Best to banish those kind of thoughts from the offset, they only bring pain.


My wife is super-organised and insisted we kept a spreadsheet of everything we've spent on our GT6. A good idea in some ways but mainly a very bad idea......





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I do that to. Usually on an annual basis keeping all the receipts just in case, more because I'm an accountant (OK I admit it!) than anything else. 


my car is however my pride, joy and escape from the world of work - and that is priceless!



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