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Spitfire 1500 rear camber.

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Investigations required, and not easy.

It could be the front causing the rear lean. So try getting the car on flat ground, and jacking the car up at the rear under the diff. Then check the front for varying heights. Then do the same to the front, taking great care to make sure the jack at the front is kept central. That should narrow it down to front or rear.


Other things to investigate at the rear.....both drive shafts the same length? shocks the same and fault free? swap to be sure. Diff could be slightly bent, being only a couple of mm out will be very obvious at the wheels as the distance multiplies the distance out many times.

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So me own olde GT spring did same Ron

ordid ye no turn it aroond, t,se if it wer actually spring.


be up int morning to maybe get to bottom of this cunnundrum

For them no seen the car, Its got a bigg list

its a swinger spring, so should be able to ..settle, but it aint

and it does seem to have got worse lately too.


Tracking is oot a bitt, as this shown it up even moer when it wer  reversed up the path

butt, generally reversing  adds  neg camber, this gev it lots of pos, at least 4 degs or moer of it


its not trunnions in axle, they free

drive shafts same length too


It could be frunt spring heights, but, frunt is sitting square t,road

which would be a wee bit off if it wer this


Ohh,Ron should bung some pics up of his new    Man Cave for ye all t,se

v v nice it is



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I've noticed that the camber of my rear wheels are not the same and the drivers side sags a bit. I have taken the spring out and replaced it but this has not fixed the problem. Any ideas!


Problem sorted. It wasn't the spring so I had a look at the tracking next. It was quite a way out as the body of the car is not the original and to get it tracked I removed 9 shims. This appears to have sorted the camber as well.

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