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Removing the front spring damper units - is there a knack?

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Hi All,


I wonder if someone would be able to tell me the knack to removing front spring/damper units? I'm replacing the saggy springs on my Mk3 GT6 and have fallen at the first hurdle - I can't get the spring/damper out of the wishbones! I've removed the three nuts from the spring retainer pan, removed the bolt from the damper lower bush and slackened off the trunnion bolt so the unit is now loose. The workshop manual now simply says to remove the unit, but I can't see how. The spring retainer pan bolts are held in the chassis by the spring pressure so I can only manoeuvre the bottom of the damper. if I pull it outwards it hits the vertical link and if I push it inwards it fouls on the gusset which joins outer end of the lower wishbone. I can't see how to get the damper out of the clutches of the lower wishbone.


Any suggestions gratefully received.



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I stick a large screw driver between the trunnion and lower wishbone and lever inwards and downwards. The wishbone should drop low enough to let the shocker go and the whole thing can be removed. As Pete says, get a spring compressor, preferably like the club shop one, flat plate top and bottom and long threaded studs to wind down the spring. Don't use the crab like ones that hang on the outsides of the spring, they're liable to let go, spring off and do you and/or your garage some damage! 

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