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Getting outer rear wheel bearing out of the trunnion housing


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Hi Folks,


I'm in the process of changing the rear wheel bearings on my Mk 3 non-roto Mk3 GT6 and have reached the stage in the Haynes manual which says, "Now push the trunnion further onto the drive shaft so that the ball race protrudes enough for the fitting on an extractor". I've got one of the half-shafts in the vice ready for "pushing" but the trunnion won't budge down the shaft and pounding with a mallet doesn't achieve anything.


Has anybody else had this problem and know how to progess from this point?


Many thanks in advance.




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I actually can't remember how I've remove these in the past, and I've done a few.....


I have access to a press, so would probably just press the shaft down. Alternatively butt the housing down onto the jaws of the vice, don't have the vice tight, leave the nut on the end of the shaft and wack downwards. Both methods will leave the bearing in the housing, but you should be able to tap out easy enough.

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