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Herald throttle pedal


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The cable nipple sits in the slot, and the spire clip then pushes on to secure it. The carb end is a little collet with a securing screw on the solex downdraught carb. The brass ferule midway a long the cable holds the cable outer still as you draw the inner down when you lean on the go pedal.

If like me, you get heartilt sick of brass ferules sliding along poorly made repro cables, consider a rear brake cable from your local specialist bike shop. A range of collars and end pieces are avalable, and the modern ones are teflon lined and a lot nicer.




Steve C

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Ok so the outer cable is not anchored to the pedal anywhere just dangles from the bulkhead.looks like I'm missing a spire clip as well.


Also what stops the pedal flipping right back on its self, obviously the bolt stops the forward travel but mine will come backwards?


Cheers Tim

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