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MK2 2000 Saloon Interior


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I'm currently looking for a black interior for my project. On a bit of a budget...

Anyone got a good used set of seats, side section trim and door panels?

If not can you just recover the door panels and get a good finish?

Where is best to get a new carpet, or any seat covers


I see the club don't sell anything for these?


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Danbury do carpet sets but there were odd comments around about delay in supply

e bay list a few,


chris witor has some diaphragms and seat parts ,

places like quiller show loads of seats , I tried to refoam mind and for once failed

never removs the seat foam from the cover its glued everywhere and it wrecks it

stick to adding foam between diaphragm and the underside or the original


seat backs used new pirelli webbing and fought the design which is a carry over from the typewriter


Loads of wires and bungy cords to play with



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Other than carpets from a couple of suppliers nobody produces trim for the 2000 range unfortunately as the numbers are low it is not viable. Newtons would do seat covers if I supplied them with examples to copy but would want assurance of numbers that we would sell which of course we can't give. A viscious circle I am afraid. However as the prices begine to creep up the situation  should become slightly less bleak with luck.

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as the rebuild of my drivers base turned sour i fitted Alfa 156 seats  used by a good few in 2000/2500  they dont fit as exact swap as some seem to manage but need a shallow rectangle section tube to mount them as the seats and floor are a round 10mm out of line

some reckon you just whack em in ....i fitted a spacer 


much firmer and  less armchair seating but well comfortable 



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Thanks Pete, I'd seen some poor reviews on theirs, any comments here?

This is the ones I've been looking at 






Again any comments\advise gratefully received.

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Unsure where this came from but ive seen some neg comments about danbury about delivery

ordered from far away and you wait and wait till it arrives ,

The tech ones says made in london

when it says exhibition quality is it left overs from shows stands ????


toss a coin job dont know how to tell

Found this







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