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New Member - Spitfire 1500 restoration

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Hi all, 


My names Lloyd and about 2 years ago i bought a Spitfire 1500 from an old electrician I worked with on a Building site. I'm 20 years old and always been into my cars so thought this would be a good project for me, so far I've really enjoyed working on it with the help of my Dad and we've made good progress.


Unfortunately progress is slow as I'm in the RAF so I spend most of my time away form home where the car is, but still make the effort to push on with it when I do go home.


Anyway I'll be around here asking for help and advice with bits and pieces, and i'm sure in the near future i'll be driving her about ! I've uploaded two photos, first one is the state I found the car in before I even touched and the second is just a more recent one.  











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Eagle eyes there ! Yep they are a pair of twin Weber DCOE 40's. they've been set up to some settings I got from another website and general advice from a mechanic. Engine has run a few months ago and it seemed alright (but didnt rev it very much) the last tax that was bought for the car was 1989 so may have been the first time the engine started in a few years ! 


The only small modification on the engine is hardened valve seats for the unleaded fuel, as far as I know the rest is standard. The wheels i'm not sure about if i'm honset, they just came with the car ! 


The webers came in the boot of a car my Dad bought, he and the guy selling the car didn't want them and as my car didn't come with any I thought why not ?

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