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Stromberg Carb to Air Cleaner Gaskets


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I have just bought from Rimmers for my GT6 Mk3 1971 the standard (6) carb to standard air cleaner gaskets and have realised that one of the holes in the carb would be covered. Please see attached photo.

Is this correct or have I been given the wrong gaskets?




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Blow down the port with a straw or similar I think the larger hole is a blind one to nowhere


the float breather is the upper smaller hole


if the port does have a through airway it will also mimic the hole on the airbox face


if you need to make a hole use the shank of a large drill or a old pushrod or steel ball or similar and give it a tap with a small hammer will makena nice clean round hole


or attack with sharp knife and sticky plasters ready

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Cant edit on thisnsilly tablet thing , but ignore a lot of that

yours is a mk3 and I see the temperature compensators on the side , that port is the air inlet bleed to the

little compensator on the front side of the carb held on with 2 screws


this must have the gasket cut to allow air in from the filter box


its worth checking the compensators are sealing , the plastic plunger inside must be closed when cold or at normal temperature , or its bleeds air and you will never set the idle mixture if its opening


turn the small nut to fully close the plunger, its more important its closed than open when setting idle mixtures up

the gadjet has two o rings to seal air leakage between its inside boss and the oiter section to the main carb body, these rings are often in the rebuild kits, you may need to dig the inner one out


this thing leans the idle mixture when underbonnet temp gets high, ic they never open again

its not the end of the world,, but to repeat if they are open under normal temps idle settings then your mixture

settings will be too rich

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Hi Pete/Doug,

Thanks for your replies. I have closed those valves off with new seals so in theory I should not need them. It looks like I can either open them up on the gaskets i've got or leave them closed. I assume either way should not cause any bother, would you consider that to be okay?

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Im all for deleting or sealing them off


But try to advise why and what they do in the first instance


theres also holes for the air bleed in the carb to manifold gasket

just fit this upside down has same sealing effect


you can spend hours with a thermometer , heat source and strong tea setting these up too the book

with little gain or reliability in what youve done


we have aerosols for start you bast*rd now we need one for delete the B.......d

and one for read the manual bast...d Ha!



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