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GT6 interior trim...chestnut


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Beginning to realise what others are saying regarding the colour Chestnut as being the Holy Grail for my GT6


I'm retrimming the entire interior but know I will struggle to match this colour.


I bought what was described as "Chestnut" window/door seals (rubber with furry edges) from Rimmers but when they arrived they were called "brown" on the packet and didn't match whatsoever. Returned.


Alternative is to go over to the easy answer and use black - except I have the rear seat conversion so that would need to be changed too.


I see you can now order Chestnut leather covers from Newton and supposedly Chestnut door cards from rimmers.  Are these accurate?


Carpet shouldn't be a problem as Newton sent me samples and one is very close.


Shame really as I love the Chestnut with Mimosa...


Just wondered if anyone has any ideas?





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I went all of a quiver when you said Newton do brown leather seat covers, but I can't find them on their site! What they do now do is Autumn leaf cloth fronted seat covers like the original on late GT6s. These look like they might be a match and I've sent off for a swatch.


Again, I can't find Newton chestnut carpets, perhaps you could post the link?


Coverdale, now known as carcarpets, do a very good loose carpet match. The problem with loose carpet is, of course, the wheel arches which curve in two planes and difficult to get right. Some people suggest steaming them but it will need some practise. My wheel arch carpets are in quite good condition but bleached by the sun, so I might just try dyeing them. The rest will then be easy.




But, whatever you do don't go over to the dark side! :ph34r:  Mimosa and chestnut go together.

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Pete yes, that looks very interesting, I wonder if they really do do it? Why don't they advertise it? However, I still fancy the cloth front covers, if they're a match.


Coverdale, yes I've got swatches from them, they match so I'm going to get a set shortly.


The standard headrest for our model is black vinyl but Rimmer's recently started stocking chestnut vinyl covers, I bought a couple and they really do look good.

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