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GT6 Foot Rest Pannel


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Hi all


Does someone have a picture of his Pannel fitted to the car? I will be fitting a second hand one in my car when I have cleaned it up but I'm not sure of the angle it fits and cannot find any pictures on the web.


I have seen the parts diagram on canleys and will have to fabricate the foot rest bracket so if someone could tell me what the angle of the bracket is that would also be really useful





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I hope you can make this out ok - the panel is angled at each end so that the bottom sits against the floor stiffener panel and the top edge is then parallel to the bulkhead panel. I have an unfitted panel somewhere in the other garage and can post photos of that before the weekend if you need them.





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I've not removed mine but unless it's a stiffener or strengthener I don't see any reason for it. 

The driver's side rest is the smaller one that bolts to the gearbox tunnel cover; held on by two bolts or setscrews. I've never used one; I replaced the tunnel cover years ago and never replaced it.

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