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Spitfire 1500 seats

Phil Siddall

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My original dog-tooth check seat covers looked in fine condition, but were showing wrinkles. I thought the problem was the old foam, so I carefully removed the covers, replaced the webbing and foam, and glued and refixed the covers.

After fixing them as tightly as I could, they still have wrinkles, although not quite so bad.

I can only assume the nylon covers have stretched over time.

Grrh!  I can't remove them without messing up the very expensive foam, so I will have to live with them.

Anyone else done this? Next time, I'll replace the lot. 

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My GT6 has cloth seats, the foams were shot but the covers were in fair condition, although mucky. 40 years of grease and burning engine oil smell. Although described as "cloth" I think the cloth bits may well be nylon like yours.  I got new foams and put the covers through the washing machine! :o  They came out remarkably well, shrinkage was a concern but, it didn't happen. I'm surprised you needed to use glue. although maybe you were repairing the covers?


How about one of those steaming cleaners? If the covers have stretched then they may well also shrink.

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