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I am looking for some help from a T2000/2500 owner. I had a 2000 about 40yrs ago as my daily driver. Am now thinking of buying one as a classic. My wife now has to use a mobility scooter and I need to know if it will fit in the boot. I'd rather find out here than travel a few hrs to view a car to discover it's no good.

So, I need to know what is the measurement between the boot floor and the lid when closed. If I remember rightly there is a slope, either the floor or the lid, so to know the deepest and shallowest measurements would be really helpful. Thank you.

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Thanks guys. Pete, some people have different ideas about directions. Just to make sure we think the same, 18" forward, means towards the front of the car, or under the back window? Have had arguments with people over what they see as front, back, offside, near side etc !!

Doug, yes estate would be good, but aren't they as easy to find as fertilising your garden with rocking horse sh**??!!

John, unfortunately Herald & Vitesse have other problems, like seat height, which is one reason why the Stag had to go.

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yes fwd  under the body parcel shelf end  and  rear is heading for the bumper.....at the back



ns is left os is right   as sitting in the drivers seat 


if you buy a settee the plan is   viewed looking 'at it'   from the front    not from a seated  position


my wife has reversed syndrome   forwards is towards her so if you want to move some furniture you have to remember

or the chairs on your foot.

, in is out  and out is in  

played havoc with a clutch pedal and column gear change when tried to learn to drive .

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