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sticky ignition switch

euan douglas

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My GT6 Mk3 ignition switch is a bit sticky, though it works fine.  I was wondering if there is any safe way to "lubricate" it?  I don't want to make matters worse or even wreck it.

Also, as my next thought, I suppose changing it for a new one involves the removal of the steering column?  Things aren't that bad but just curious!

Thanks for any thoughts


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Hi Euan, I disconnected the battery and squirted WD40 down my barrel. But there is some disapproval for that on the grounds that lubrication will attract dust and grit and eventually make things worse. However it's 2 years since I did it and all is still well. You could spray the key and wiggle it about in the barrel to avoid over lubrication, or alternatively use graphite? I'm pretty sure you can get it off without completely dismantling the steering column. Take a look at Canley Classics parts diagram for steering to see how it might be done.

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Hello Euan.


WD40 will be good, under no circumstances use oil.


The other alternative and again very good is silicone spray; which will not attract dirt or anything else that along those lines.





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