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What size Moto-lita steering wheel for TR4A?

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Having just re-foamed my drivers seat base I'm no longer sitting on the floor :D , but now I find I struggle to get my legs under my standard 16'' wheel (I'm a long-legged 6ft). I'm considering a leather-rimmed moto-lita, but am torn between 13'' and 14''. The former obviously gives more room, but more muscle needed at parking speeds. Also the Moto-lita site says leather rim wheel is slightly larger than stated size whereas wood-rim is slightly smaller, just to confuse matters. Any experience or advice please? I've scoured the TR reg forum and opinion seems divided... <_<

BTW advice seems to be flat rather than dished in order to easily reach overdrive switch.


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i'm 6ft, not particularly slim and consider myself to be reasonably strong.... i wouldn't go smaller than a 14" wheel.

that is based on running 195/65 15's  if you have narrower tyres it would make things easier on the arm.


Personally, I'm not keen on the wooden-rimmed Moto-lita (but respect the choice of others :) )  either the look or the thinner rim, much prefer the leather one.


.... Andy

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Hello Yorkie

                   Not on a TR4 but on my Spitfire 1500 with 175 x 13  I was using a 13" Mota-lita for several years but happened to pick up a 14" one for £25 just needed re varnishing and the difference it has made the car is easier to park and seems more stable at speed


I guess Triumph knew what they were doing? for the average drive able car (not Boy racer?)


Or I could be that I am just old?



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