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Intermittent grinding


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Ref: http://forum.tssc.org.uk/index.php?/topic/2019-spitfire-1500-overdrive-sounds-like-nails-in-a-food-processor/


OK thanks. Good stuff.

Pete - yes I've had the drum off as a shoe dragging was a possibility in my mind too. Not so. If the bearings are worn (observe that the car has <32k on the clock) would the noise be sometimes (very nasty) and nothing at all at other times?


Clive, thanks, you're right. Not an OD concern anymore, this was a red herring. I'm in Petersfield.


Anybody near Petersfield got a hub removal tool that my man can borrow?



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so its back to a hub bearing zonal noise ,    odd that its intermittent  ???


odd noises , steel wheels with a cracked nave

drum screws holding wheel away from the drum face

stone trapped  between drum and back plate



hub bearings  


none explain why it goes quiet 




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Rear bearings are not easy to diagnose when connected up. They are under so much tension.


I know there is a hub remover in central Sussex..... 


Mileage may have little to do with it. The car is 40+ years old and if it has spent a long time sitting around, things start to go wrong.

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its the now it does it , and now it doesn't which is irregular and against the  grain of a mechanical failure , these by nature  start quietly and develop into a racket 


you cant switch them on or off at random 


 still have the feeling this is a  contact problem  or a UJ .



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Yes, 'tis odd. Not least because when I need the noise to present itself to somebody the car purrs along sweetly. Gggggrrrr...


I'm going to bite the bullet and take it in. I'll let you know what comes of it.

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