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Good Afternoon............and hello.

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Good afternoon all, I am looking at purchasing a Spit 1500 for ongoing restoration with a view to having it on the road by Spring 18.


Have a colleague at work here in Lincolnshire who currently owns a 1978 1500 (that needs some fettling) and is (hopefully) still willing to consider parting with it. (Owned for 8 years and may well be a regular poster and member here......so no names until I have convinced him to part with it)


I plan a body off restoration, as I want to ensure its as fit as it can be before it takes pride of place in and out of the garage.


Have previously restored (from the ground up) a 1300 VW Beetle (Sorry for mentioning it) and a Kwak ZX9R motorcycle, so am happy with most all things welding and mechanical.


Hope to post regularly on here once I have purchased a suitable (hopefully the one I am talking about) donor car for fettling duties.


So Hello to you all.




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Hello Ian. A very warm welcome. Please don't be sorry for mentioning other Marques. We are all part of a Classic car brotherhood of which there are many different makes and models but we all have the same aims and interests; to use them and enjoy them.


There are some very good people here on this forum who have between them many years of  Triumph related experience and only too ready to offer sound advice and a helping hand. It is well worth contacting your local TSSC Group if you haven't already. That way you won't feel isolated and ploughing your own furrow when things get difficult. 


I do hope you manage to acquire the Spitfire and look forward to reading about your progress as the project moves forward.


Kind regards



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Not sure where your based in Lincolnshire it's a very .big county!


Anyway the area meet is in the Lincoln area about half an hour from me. I met some of the members a couple of weeks ago and they seem a great bunch.


Theresa not many that participate in this forum but there are a few from the county


Welcome once again to the forum and I assume the club



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