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Vitesse engine height


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At some time the car has had, what looks like the lower front wishbone bracket shims (2 each side) fitted to the engine mounts to raise the engine height.


Not looked recently, but think the steering rack is very close to sump.


The top hose is just touching the inside of bonnet and car has largish gaps between vertical rear edge of bonnet and bulkhead (maybe to aid this hose clearance).


Any idea what may be causing this, as would like to have engine at normal height (without snagging the steering tack) to see if bonnet can be moved back a bit to close the gaps (without causing more hose interference)


I guess this could be a multitude of things, but any pointers would be great please.


Cheers, Dave

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it can all be a bit tight, cant see why anyone would shim the engine mount platorms,  , i have seen various things added to ease a tight fitting 6 3 1 manifold but should not be required on a std car.


if its the hose clip fouling turn it to have the screw under the hose , has the hose been fitted with a upward twist, it should curve down to the radiator



the bonnet height can be adjusted under the underrider is a slotted link you can raise the front height  up from the apron , but this wil give a taper to the door front edge.

to reduce the bonnet to bulkhead turn the turnbuckle barrel nuts on the rods to the  turrets  these have lh and rh threads which will increase or decrease the gap .



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The steering rack does fit close to the sump; that's why it's a super hassle to remove the sump to do any work in the crank area. In fact in my experience you cannot get the sump off without lifting the engine slightly.


Other owners may have a different set-up, but I think this the standard build.





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The manufactures used camber shims, one or two no more, to bring the engine up clear of the rack. But as said watch the top hose clamp. Plus the first stub, from the water pump, hold down the rocker cover for clearance. As this had a habit of producing an inside out dent on the bonnet if you hit a too heavy bump in the road this was changed to a long bolt on the Mk2.



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Your post prompted me to take a look at the engine mounts on my late GT6 Mk3 and I see that I have two camber shims on the engine mounts too. Judging by the look of them they've been there since the car left the Canley factory and so as Dave Vitesse says, it looks like they're meant to be there.



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