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Starter motor...?

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Right, here goes.... Swapped a scrapworthy body on my rotoflex gt6 for a mk4 spitfire one. Then found a bare 2500 engine, so that replaced the 2ltr gt6 lump. Used the 2ltr flywheel, starter & back plate, so as to fit the gt6 bellhousing. Thing is, not fitted the loom etc, & couldn't resist trying to start it. Put a wire from my other car's +ve to the coil, jump lead -ve connected, then jump lead +ve touched to the started. Turned very slowly & quickly got hot. Engine did fire briefly, which is a bonus..!

Anyway... Two questions... Bearing in mind that starter hadn't been powered for at least 8 years, had it become u/s?

Also.. The 2500 starter from suppliers is totally different to mine. Remembering I've used the flywheel & plate from the gt6, would it fit..? Can't see any reason a gt6 starter wouldn't be man enough to turn the 2.5..

Any advice appreciated..!


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The GT6 starter should be fine. 

However, when I rebuilt my 2.5 (in my vitesse) it struggled for the first few thousand miles until everything had bedded in.


I don't thing the 2.5 starter will fit with your flywheel. If the starter really does struggle and yu want to soed some cash, get the modern hi-torque starter, that will spin it easily.


(Hope you swapped sumps too!)

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Hi Clive, thanks.

The engine slotted in fine, with no clearance issues, so not sure if the sump is original. There are a couple of "adjustment" ripples on it, so maybe has been changed at some point...

Good to know about the starter, thanks. Canleys list replacement brushes. Might give that a look first...

Many thanks.

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the so called high torque are very good  ,, same as any modern box,  it will whiz the engine over for ever,  even on a pretty flat battery

as they are a small high speed motor with a gearbox which use hardly any current  compared with the bruiser Lucas types 


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