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Starter motor...?

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Right, here goes.... Swapped a scrapworthy body on my rotoflex gt6 for a mk4 spitfire one. Then found a bare 2500 engine, so that replaced the 2ltr gt6 lump. Used the 2ltr flywheel, starter & back plate, so as to fit the gt6 bellhousing. Thing is, not fitted the loom etc, & couldn't resist trying to start it. Put a wire from my other car's +ve to the coil, jump lead -ve connected, then jump lead +ve touched to the starter. Turned very slowly & quickly got hot. Engine did fire briefly, which is a bonus..!

Anyway... Two questions... Bearing in mind that starter hadn't been powered for at least 8 years, had it become u/s?

Also.. The 2500 starter from suppliers is totally different to mine. Remembering I've used the flywheel & plate from the gt6, would it fit..? Can't see any reason a gt6 starter wouldn't be man enough to turn the 2.5..

Any advice appreciated..!


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Regarding compatibly of the mechanical components - dont know .Hopefully Pete will come up with the answer to that!


But, the starter motor- assuming it was ok before should be ok (now unless its storage has been very unusual).

I'm a bit unclear about what was connected to where

I presume there wasn't a battery in the car you are attempting to start?

The negative lead from the donor was attached to ? engine (best) ? chassis of the "recipient " i e was there a good earth route to the starter?

you touched the donor +ve to the starter- it got hot - the starter or the wire? how long did you turn it over for?

As soon as you have long leads ie jump leads and questionable earth routes everything go werrrrr..slow and any high resistance areas wiil get hot.

perhaps the next step is to connect a battery directly to the "new"car's wiring and try again also ensuring the neg lead has a good connection via the braided earth strap to the engine bell housing bolts.

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