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Vitesse locating pin on handbrake levers at the hubs.


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Noticed when fitting new brake wheel cylinders that the handbrake levers that go through back plate and pins within them that locate in the grooves in the wheel cylinders are different, in that one is fixed to lever (maybe by rust) and some scoring indent's on corresponding area of back plate.

Other side, the pin is free moving which I thought was correct, to allow for movement of cylinder when brakes applied.


Any advice great please.


Cheers, Dave



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New come with pivot pin attached


the wheel cyl should slide in the back plate, which can be restricted if the back plate has a groove in.


wheel cyl. also suffer from pin wear


my view fixed is normal, has a worn lever been repaired by adding a new pin , hence its loose

just a thought



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Pete spot on as always, seems the same as the gt6. Stripped mine to bare metal before painting - well and truly attached, possibly sweated in as I can't recall any weld. If you look on the canley parts diagram it is a single component. I'd suggest getting a replacement depending on how loose. You don't want a pin rattling around in there

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