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Vitesse mk 2 brake master cylinder


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they will ev on em what they are

and ,or they will ev  1 or 2  or 3 rings on em,

diff rings indicate diff bore sizes


cant tek too much off insides, as it,ll alter seal presssure

butt, a wee hone wid a small bore 3 legged glaze buster wid fine grit, an plenty of lube

will be OK, done a few this way


Be better if some piccys wer bunged up,!!



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Brake is the bigger one (in terms of fluid reservoir) as it is rather more critical, plus the fluid level drops faster as brakes wear.


Bore size is 5/8 or 0.625 on all clutch masters. Heralds/spit/vit6 brakes have the same sized bore brake master, but on the vitesse and most GT6 it is 0.70, very late GT6 is 0.75 (I think when it came with the factory servo?)

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