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GT6 Overdrive now working again.


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Following a transmission overhaul to resolve leaks from the differential and the gearbox speedo drive and top plate, I found that my previously perfectly functioning overdrive failed to operate.  Now a week or two and a hundred miles later the overdrive has suddenly decided to work again. Could the gearbox oil change we did at the same time have been the cause ?  The oil was bought from the club shop.

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Too low an oil level will do it. 

Just changing the oil shouldn't do anything, unless something blocking filters or whatever.


Most likely is a wire has got moved. Not sure which version yoiu have, but the gearstick switch is notorious, wires break internally with all the movement.

Otherwise could be inhibitor switch, an earth connection or suchlike. Overdrive issues are electrical 95% of the time. Roughly.

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One simple test is load the stick to the left and right when in 3 rd or 4th if the OD cuts in and out its the

inhibitor switch needs adjusting


any electric shocks from the gear srick is as clive says wiring in the stick shorting .


it should be a D type solenoid on rh side , so uses a relay mounted somewhere,

with the side cover off operate the solenoid and the lever has a hole in which must align with a similar hole in the case behind the lever , use a drill as a gauge.

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