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14" wires

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Tricky to answer. 

rotoflex or not? I ask as non-roto really needs 70 profile or more. 


gives alternative similar overall diameter tyres. Looks like 165/65 or 70 tyres would be a good choice.


I take it you can get the correct offset with wires? That will be important here especially if lowered.


And just a thought, there is an assumption that wires are being fitted for looks, and you understand the wobbly nature of such wheels (though there are some which are better than others with more spokes etc). And you like cleaning wheels.......

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we have three cars changed wires to alloys and it transforms the handling from  pretty hopeless to snappy

then theres the safety factor of wire with punctures just deflate, ...here comes the hedge and  ditch or armco   sydrome


look nice   I  agree with Clive thats about all they do .



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