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strange problem

david lewis

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i have a strange problem inasmuch as my starter motor will start operating while i am driving along and i have to stop and turn off the ignition and restart then its ok for a while then does it again. the starter is new so i am wondering if it could be a faulty ignition/starter switch.

any one got any ideas?


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That's a different & interesting situation !! Thinking about it logically it could be either the solenoid or the ignition switch.


For sake of simplicity and ease of work it will be worth swapping the solenoid first. If the situation continues then I think it is reasonable to say the ignition switch is the culprit.


Whichever one it is, it will be a replacement exercise.


Good luck.



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but is it under battery power        or engaging when accel /decel 


if it is being powered when the engine is running its easy to explode the motor due to the silly speeds its being thrashed up to.

a thought ...

its  not uncommon for the bendix spring to fail and car motion gets it to engage the bendix  if it was being driven by battery volts i would expect a right gnashing of teeth   as the two fight each other



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