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Which replacement fuel pump?


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I'm having trouble answering a simple question - which one of these do I need:

This one (https://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-RKC1624) for engine numbers up to FM93157

Or this one (https://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-TKC3417) for engine numbers from FM93158


The answer's in the question, I know, but I keep my car a little way away and went out to it today to see if I could work out the answer. All I came back with are the two photographs attached, and from that I still don't know. I'd like to order a replacement on Monday, but I'm not going out to that garage for a few days now in order to do a better search for the engine number.

It's a Spitfire 1500 first registered in January 1977.


Can anyone give an alternative way of guessing? Does DVLA hold Engine numbers if I look up my reg number online somewhere? Is it a safe bet that an engine fitted to a car built at the end of '76 would be the earlier engine number?

It's not all that expensive a mistake if I make a mistake really.






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If you have a spacer between the pump and the block, you need the kit, if there is no spacer then you just need the pump.


Pumps for use with a spacer are no longer available, so you discard the spacer, fit shorter studs and use a non spacer pump.


I also notice that the pump appears to be a rebuildable one, in which case, just buy a refurb kit and rebuild it with a new diaphragm and valves.

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Ha! Ben Caswell - thank you - I think you're right. I have managed to unwittingly photograph part of the engine number when snapping the pump! That's going to make me laugh for the day.


Kevin - thank you too. I'm going to search for a rebuild kit. That's all I really need, and it's more fun to rebuild than replace.

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With regards to getting the correct pump for the engine number, as I've explained above, the choice of fuel pump is for with or without a spacer - and the spaced was added at the specified engine number.

As the car is 40+ years old, it is probable that one of the previous owners may have already converted it from spacer to non spaced fuel pump.

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Well this is interesting! Yep - it is a YC engine number. I've always known the car wasn't matching-numbers. I had to replace the gearbox at one point so I know that's changed. But I've had the car nearly 20 years now and hadn't had cause to know the engine number! I wonder whether that's why I had such trouble getting the right needles when I put refurb SU carbs on it recently?


I'm now wondering whether it's possible to find out the approximate age of the engine from the full engine number.


Anyway, as for the fuel pump, a service kit is on its way so the forum's been excellently helpful as always. Thank you.

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