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Luggage rack


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Hi everyone,


After ordering a luggage rack to fit onto my mk2 Spitfire from Rimmer Bros. I was disappointed to see how modern and new it looked especially with the black plastic fittings and ends on the posts.


Does anyone know of somewhere I could find more 'vintage' luggage racks or anyone selling second hand ones?


Many thanks,



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Just unlike those guys fit yours the correct way around!


The idea behind the vertical bar is that it helps stop your luggage shooting forwards off the rack in the event of an accident, taking your head off on it's way to the windscreen. It's not to stop is just sliding off the back of the rack.

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Absolutely spot-on !!


But, how many cars have you ever seen with it that way around ?? I think over the decades I can count about half-a-dozen !!


Probably says more about a persons luggage securing skills than anything else  :rolleyes: 





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