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Stupid question about chain hoists - I'm stuck!!

Colin Lindsay

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I've just used a Kito-Corp chain hoist to lift a Herald engine off the floor about three feet to lower it onto a dolly for movement.

Unfortunately the hoist won't lower! I've never used it before so no idea why.

It's a loop-chain version and pulling the chain on the empty hoist raises it, puling it in the other direction lowers it, but there must be a mechanism to prevent it lowering when weighted and I can't find anything - neither switch, lever or lock. It's similar to the one pictured.

I've now got an engine on a rope three feet of the ground and can't drop it.

Any ideas before the rope breaks????








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Got it lowered... but no idea how. I just worked at the chain and the it started to turn, quite freely and with no hesitation until the engine was lowered again. I'll have to explore a bit further as I've another one to lift and move and don't want caught out again.

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But very scary Derek when you've a newly rebuilt engine hanging over a concrete floor and seemingly no way of letting it down gently.... I'm not sure which I was worried about more, the new concrete floor or the engine. I suppose I can always get a new floor.... :)

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