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Feeler gauges


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Pete and I were recently discussing the merits of wire feeler gauges, he used to use them in the olden times. The benefit is that a flat feeler gauge can give a false reading with worn tappets and so tappets remain noisy and set too wide. While a round feeler gauge will set it exactly right. I started looking for them but none go down to 10 thou. Then I found these:




Will they do the job? They're plastic but £4.91 for a pack of 10, so disposable. They appear to be oval, 4 thou to 10 thou. so you stick them in and twist?


I think Pete should buy some and give them a test.


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Hi Doug thought you were heading up norf


plastigauge are more for putting inside a clamped up journal you nip it up and the plastic

spreads depending on the gap they have a chart to compare the spread and gives you a running clearance


never tried one on a tappet arrangement you would have to crush it under the rocker , then try to remove

it without deforming and measure what you have, you cant make them a size and set the gap too it.


Good idea but dont think it will work



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Why would wire gauges work better ona worn rocker?

A flat guage bridges the impression, so underreads - and would a wire.


As for Plastigage, that is for measuring the gap in a bearing, as Pete describes.   It's not wire, it's a strip of soft plastic.   And anyway, when the rocker closes, there is zero clearance.   Plastiguage wouldn't work at all.


The device for setting rocker clearance with worn or unworn rockers, is the old SPQR tool.   AKA "Clickajust"  https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/gunson-g4094-clikadjust-tappet-adjuster/?da=1&TC=GS-040216094&gclid=Cj0KCQjwnubLBRC_ARIsAASsNNm6X-quNJv42LJv1VkFphOmb6NVTaG_DXAOUhK3MAJn6p0pWWKtysQaAqFjEALw_wcB


Lets me do it twice as quickly as with a feeler gauge.



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