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Help identify switch ?


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I have a switch on the left rear of the gear lever console of my Triumph 2500 TC. A search on the Internet revealed that similar models also have such a switch. I cannot determine what its purpose is ? Any help in its identification will be much appreciated.



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Next question is, does the heated rear screen work? Not many do!


Mine mysteriously started working after many years dead. Shortly afterwards my car blew a head gasket.


Pete Lewis will doubtless have a scenario as to how one event caused the other! :lol:


One step forward two steps back.

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Doug  Ive said before its all down to your rusty legs   !!!  Im  not going to explain how we know that , 


no ....these little cars sit out there and listen to our mumblings and ranting then just when you have clean shirt on get their own back 


and mess with your head   or pocket !!! £££

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I recon there was a small open circuit in the rear screen heating grid and the damp weather caused a spark to jump the open circuit and remake the connection. This in turn caused the alternator to increase voltage and current resulting in bigger sparks on the plugs, then bigger bangs in the bores, then gasket expiration!  


"The engine canny take it, captain"  


I'll get my coat.  :wub:

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