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Spitfire 1500 fuel tank vent cap


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This might help-.Mine is a Mk1V which is probably similar .

It has a vented cap and the tank vent diidn't go anywhere. It was blanked off with a rubber cap held in place by a clip.

The cap had perished/ disintegrated - suspect yours has and the bits disappeared resulting in fumes venting into boot.


Assuming the cap is vented, then the answer is to close this tank connector off again - various approaches - renew the rubber cap (but it will gradually deteriorate again) , a short piece of petrol pipe with bolt to occlude etc.


I opted for closing it off with a brass stop-end - 8 mm central heating (from the usual diy or plumbing supplier) which fits in seconds and provides a more permanent solution.post-134-0-09122200-1503134461_thumb.jpg

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