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Over spray removal

Paul H

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Hi - When I purchased my Vitesse there was a lot of over spray - just getting round to sorting it - I think I need rubbing compound but looking for recommendations. I have wet and dry - Ive got , 600 , 1200 & 2000 grade wet n dry .

 As ive never done this before so any advice , resources would be welcome . On the pic the overspray should be visible on the bottom of the doors , lower bodywork - its a lighter blue than the Valencia Blue ( though think the car is not the proper Valencia Blue - code 66 ) - 



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ive used a G3 rubbing compound , its not too aggressive 

maybe use a mop on drill ?? 

even a wipe with thinners can remove soft , its  much dependant on whats under  the over spray

another idea take car to a paint factors get it scanned and make up a matched aerosol   and  re blow over the mismatch

club shop can get paint match from scanning but need a small part to send to the paint shop,


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I'd go with 1200 wet and dry ( used wet on a flat block then polish with Farecla G3 as Pete says. If it's heavy using G 3 alone will take an age. If you have a compressor get yourself one of these 


do put good quality making tape along any edges so you don't burn through them. Take it slow & easy. 

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