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Who left the door open?


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Hi there, someone left the door open so I thought I would get back on the forum for the first time since the demise of the old site. Will be having a nosey about to see what's occuring over the next few nights. Good to see some recognisable names and lots of new ones.  

Cheers, Calvin.

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Yes sold it to a previous MG guy back to croydon where it was first registered


not convinced he kept her as had not told his wife what he had bought her.


compared to his Mg he was amazed how quick it was and an exhaust note to die for


but hey ho now flat cap and slippers call


being a whimp just fitted power steering

test drive any time now


happy new year



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Ah the 2000, a noble and great car, I had an estate once and absolutely adored it. Sounded spectacular and went quicker than it ever had a right to.

Had a bit of a funny turn last year that out the kybosh on the racing career but I am hoping to pick it up this year again once we are off the blood thinners.

I have built a workshop at the house now where i can disappear if I am either in trouble or wish to avoid trouble. So far it has been an invaluable bolt hole.


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