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Hi, I'm a new member ???

Les Bates

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Good evening guy's, my name is Les Bates and I'm new to the Triumph scene, I've recently purchased a 1967. 1200 saloon 29,000miles from new ?

Although the car is in very good condition.....(never been welded) ? apparently !

I'd like to keep it looking pretty much standard, although I'm going to fit 5 1/2 steel wheels, and the car has an alternator fitted, but looks like a dynamo ? I'd like to make it a bit more user friendly, it's also got electronic ignition fitted.

What other thing's could I do to make it reliable and a little bit more (sporty) ?


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Is it unreliable at present? I'd have thought that with electronic ignition and alternator it should be on the button.

Just keep the bits that are fitted well serviced, and you'll not really need many upgrades unless you intend to thrash it.

More modern shock absorbers, maybe upgrade the brakes - slightly! - but it all depends on what you have fitted at present. This is certainly the place to ask!

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A small clip to keep the hip flask upright

Alloy rocker cover reduces the hair cream from short runs where the moisture condenses inside

7 blade Plastic engine fan is quieter than the old metal units

Use a decent 20/ 50engine oil and Ep80/90 GL4 Spec for gearbox diff and trunions

Multi Lm grease for rear hub  propshaft drive shafts etc.

So you need two grease guns   one for oil one for grease

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