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Mk 2 Vitesse questions

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The weld-a-thon is over and the car is going back together.

Can someone tell me if all 2 litre mk2 convertibles had black vinyl covering on the fibre-board dashboard? irrespective of the interior colour. All the interior images I can find imply it is so.

Also the RB340 regulator mounting: maybe I should post a photo, but it seems to be installed as a bit of an afterthought at around 45 degrees on the bulkhead on the LHS near the flasher unit. But the holes seem hand-drilled! Is that how it was?   

And while I am here.. does anyone have  a pair of mk2 seat runners for sale? , bought some off eBay UK, but they seem to have disappeared in the post..


Cheers, Chris

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Hello Chris,

Yes the Mk2 (All Vitesse models) have the black vinyl covering on the top of the dash.

The position of the control box on the Mk2 is under the left hand side of the dash fixed to the bulk head. The 1600 has the control box installed on the lh side of the footwell behind the side kick board.




Control Box.jpg

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Dear Dave and Pete,


Fabulous thing this forum and thanks for the help, the bulkhead it is. But got to say it looks like the three holes  were hand-drilled with a Black and Decker at lunch time, rough as. And also thanks for the advice on the dash cover, if I had known I had to keep it I might have been nicer to it during the resto, it is still salvageable, just.


I am sure I will have more questions to come as I don't have any car to reference in the whole of Tas.


Thanks again, Chris

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