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Pete Lewis

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now im asking,

been swearing at a kit to convert waxstats to std jets, the kit came from RB , lots of dosh for very little, member decided that was the way to go i suggested a change as 

hot running was all over the place , and little else left to check .

well the instructions say this bits frustrating but all the replacement cranks are in and work fin the problem is the angles, alignment  and tension on the replacement operating drop link is fouling up the return from being on choke .  so two paces forward three backwards, re aligning the rod has little effect and as you are aware i have an avid hate of SU to start with, 

and yes the old waxstats will be easy to refit with a 2 x 1p spacer as the bottom cup is only  3 locating prongs not crimped all the way round

so im  now planning to refit the old with 4p to repair them  getting the guy to buy the kit was not a good idea.

just wondering if anyone else has been down this route and found the 'kit' to be a bit of a nightmare ???   

certainly 4p is a much more economical fix.   (  if you do this dont forget to fit the short metal spacer )


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Yes  Doug,  ive done that ready to  refit and wish I had seen the jets before he spent his ££££££s

Ive seen these with a full diameter crimp  which ends up with destruction,  with just the 3 little legs its easy

Just bugged by the impossible linkage   binding up , so you can only start on choke then get out a poke the jets back up before you can drive

The overall running problems are solved  its pulling well now

What pain in the butt





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