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CSCC Swinging 60s Silverstone May 5th


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Just got finals and entry list for this meeting, and Lo!  I see John Holmes has entered with his GT6, so I might get a race this time in my Vitesse, when being lapped by 7 litres of Ford Galaxie got a bit boring last time..

Also Rob Roodhouse, Dave McDonald and Phillip Lamb in their TR6s, and Roy Chamberlain in his TR250, who we may not trouble, but a good Triumph turn out.


Qualy at 0930 for half an hour, then the forty minute race from 1330.


The race will be on the International circuit, based on the Wing, not the old National circuit.  

The 'Paddock' will be the garages on the ground floor of the Wing.

All Triumpheros welcome!



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