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And so it begins.......


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19 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

and  Its EP 90 in the trunnion  (oil bath)  greasers not ..........grease !!!!


Thanks Pete. There are going to be a few wee GT6 tricks of which I am sadly ignorant so I’ll be grateful for all advice !

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16 minutes ago, Pete Lewis said:

get a workshop manual on your wish list   available  from club shop or elsewhere 

even from steve  on line  http://vitessesteve.co.uk/index

Yeah got about three versions including the BL original !  Also got the illustrated parts catalogue which is really useful for it’s exploded diagrams. 

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Are those trunnions the new pattern, with a steel disc swaged into the bottom?   If so, and before they see any oil, worth spreading a bead of epoxy glue around the seam, inside the trunnion.  Use a toothpick!    This will stop any risk of them leaking, but only works on brand-new units!


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