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Which head gasket?

Tim Bell

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Need to replace Head Gasket on 1147 engine which has been boiling over (not thermostat and not radiator cap). Notice there is std head gasket and then copper ones too. Copper ones are three times the price, but are they better? Have people fitted both over time and if so, which to get?

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Hi Tim

We’ve had  head gasket issues with dads 948 Herald. Any head gaskets for the 948 are hard to find, so dad had been using the steel shim gasket. Gaskets still failed. Talking to a race engine builder, the head and block has to be dead flat. Even a 2 thou dip between cylinders can be a weak spot. If you plan to use a shim gasket, spray each side of the gasket with a copper gasket spray and leave to dry. Carefully torque the head up in three stages, and again after the engine has been run. 

I’ve found a copper gasket and hoping that it will fill any minor imperfections. I’ve been told that these need a light smear of grease to help them seat.

Good luck


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