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Almost got my dream Spitfire! Still looking...


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Hi - I've wanted a Triumph Spitfire for many years and thought my chance had come this week but sadly some lucky person managed to grab it right before I got the chance to look at it.

Gutted about it but still on the lookout. 

Other than the obvious sites such as Gumtree, etc. are there any other places to be looking for one? If anybody is looking to sell please do get in touch. I should add that I am in Northern Ireland.


All the very best to you lucky Triumph owners!



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What sort of spit are you after (mk, condition, budget etc)

My wifes car will be for sale soon. (mk3, fast road engine, Dellortos, Megajlt circa 110bhp, J type OD, CV rotoflex rear. Very good bodywork rebuilt by Picton Sportscars, new interior etc etc but it won't be cheap!)

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