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Southern group contact


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Hi all, just wondering if someone can give me some means to contact the southern group? I’ve tried the phone number and web address but no luck, was wondering if they have a convoy going Le Mans I could possibly join. 



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I would politely suggest that you just ask on here about convoys to CLM.

There are only a handful of ports and most people will be travelling the M25 at some point on their route. Easiest to meet a group at a port. We are off first thing Monday 1st, but most will be travelling overnight on the Wednesday, or early Thursday. 

The CLM experience is so much better if one is attached loosely to a group. Bit of banter etc....

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I am the only Southern group member going to Le Mans (again), unless somebody changed their mind since last week!  Four cars going (GT6, Elise, Morgan MGBGTV8) but due to three passengers working unable to go until the Thursday 2245 sailing to Le Havre.  Not sure if the ferry will still have spaces and as to cost the Companies know perfectly well the key event dates and that, allied to dynamic pricing, means no idea of cost at this stage.  Welcome to join us, but my past experiences indicate that whatever the crossing you are bound to meet like minded souls/cars travelling in the same direction. 


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Hi Dick, that is very kind, its looking like the only ferry left at the moment, but by the time my passenger gives me his DOB, it's probably gonna be gone. Your convoy may be a little too fast for me, but i'll say Hi if I see you and maybe I can tag along. There are practically no Ferries left Wed, thur or friday, so it might have to be eurostar now, not looking forward to a 6 hour journey each way. 



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