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Stag auto gearbox problems

Peter Carr

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Hi, Can anyone give me any advice on my Stag type 35 auto box? It has a bad clung when I go from drive to reverse and again when I select drive again. Also it seems to take a long time to get into top gear and when I select park it does't lock into position all the time, you can push the car forward and hear it trying to locate. I have had the car up on axle stands and noticed a bit of play in the diff. I have only recently bought the car and noticed over the last 4 yrs the only millage the car has done is when it has gone for its MOT. I did think of changing the transmission fluid and filter, but was advised against it. Can anyone help. Thanks Peter

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i would start with checking the selector adjustment  seems the gate slots are all misplaced to where the box thinks it is.

and the kick down cable setting , this has a small ferule crimped on the  inner cable and at idle this must be close to/ 0.5mm from the cable abutement at the carb end .

changing the oil and drop the filter /sump is not any real problem ...more messy   ATF gets everywhere



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Clunk when engaging drive, reverse or especially switching between drive and reverse is usually the result of backlash in the drive train rather than a gearbox issue. Diff, prop-shaft joints, driveshaft joints or splines are all possible sources and sometimes, on a well worn car you can hear a chain of clunks working back down the car.

High idle speed can increase the violence of the clunk.

other issues sound fluid/filter related. Not sure why advise you not to change it...........

Park issue is potentially the most awkward though external linkage adjustment should be checked before getting too worried.


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