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2500pi on carbs what distributor?


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I have an early mg prefix 2.5pi engine that I will be running on twin hif44 carbs with what I believe to be a tr6 distributor with no vac advance and was wondering if changing to the correct 2500pi distributor would be better or would the 2500s/tc distributor be a better suit as it's now running on carbs? The main reason being that it's unable to return more than 18mpg no matter how sensibly it is driven so I was thinking switch to a distributor with vacuum advance 

Any advice is appreciated 



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The distributor wants to match the cam/head, so yes the correct distributor with vacuum advance should help. 

As will a rolling road session to get the needles correct (amazing what a difference it makes to the way the car drives and economy)

And being obvious, the distributor and carbs need to be unworn (HIF have replaceable ptfe bushes for the spindles IIRC? but check for wear. And the dizzy will want springs that are not all stretched, plus the correct vac advance capsule)

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