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GT6 Rear Hub Nut puzzle

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After finding the offside rear hub nut loose decided to replace both nyloc nuts and flat washers on each side with new ones.  The offside hub nut was easily replaced but the thread on the nearside shaft appeared too large to accept the new nut or even the old offside nut so the original nut had to be replaced.  Visually both the old left and right hand nuts look identical and take a 15/16 socket to remove. 



can we have a look at the pub on monday evening ,

if its at  all visible 



Unfortunately once installed little is visible of the troublesome threaded end of the shaft which does appear to have been rather butchered in the past.




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Hmm, the outer end of the threads don't look too wonderful, as I highlighted on before. The nyloc nut does not appear to be original spec - i.e. not the shallow depth nyloc that was originally fitted ,and I understand, hard to get hold of nowadays. I don't like not being able to see some visible threads beyond the nyloc insert to give you confidence that the nyloc insert has gripped fully formed threads and won't work loose. My late father always used to say 'minimum two threads visible into safety', from his aviation days.

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