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Dolomite 1850 engine removal

David Kirk

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I need to remove the engine as it will need a rebore at least. I have already removed the cylinder head. I appear to be missing the rear lifting eye on the engine but I could probably improvise something there.

However. I was also wondering about dropping the engine out the bottom by un bolting the subframe and lifting the body then sliding it out complete with auto gearbox. 

Nothing in the Haynes manual about the latter method. Any one with experience? Any hints and tips?


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Removing the subframe and dropping out from below is a good method for the 1500 but that 1850 lump is rather wide and a bit awkward for that. I think we did do it to my old 1850 when we scrapped it - three or four beefy blokes to lift the body and roll it back out of the way - but of course, we didn't care if we dropped the nose on the ground as the car was being scrapped.

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Thanks Rob,

The head (and so the manifolds) are already off. So it looks like it will drop down below the bodywork with room to spare. I might just take off the timing chain and release the cam sprocket from it's support bracket so as to reduce the overall height of the engine. That should mean I don't have to lift the body too high - I am a bit worried about having to lift it so high that the rear end grounds out on the floor.

I suspect if I leave the suspension attached to the sub-frame and just remove the top turret mountings that they will be the hardest (highest) items to extract.

I intend lifting the body with a chain hoist rather than muscle power


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Had a 1500 FWD I drop the engine etc out the bottom, jacked up the rear and put axle stands under jacking points. Lowered front subframe on to wooden board with casters released all relevent fastenings and found it did not take much effort to lift the front of the car.



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