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Changes caused by crossing the Atlantic


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This is a TR6 question, but I thought that Pete would know!

Over on the Triumph Experience, someone was asking for help in removing oil gallery plugs, a common problem.  But he said that a restoration shop had plugged the rear-most one in the gallery,  where he wanted to place the oil pressure guae line.      I pointed out that the right place for this was the port just above the oil pressure relief valve, and he had no need to remove the gallery plug.

But then another American poster tells me that US TR6s had the oil gauge line from that rear gallery port.     I'm surprised, and grateful to be educated, but why would Triumph do that?   Was the LHD steering shaft in the way???


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Back in the 1950's/1960's the use of the oil gallery was a common point to feed an oil gauge by Standard Triumph. I agree the oil pressure switch point would appear to be the correct point. But it would depend on the difference in pressure at the oil gallery point and the accuracy of the oil gauge in the first place.

The difference in a true or accurate sense may have been too small to worry about.

You raise an interesting point.


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I'm sure you're right, Pete, but changing things on the production line is expensive, and Triumph never spent a penney they didn't have to.

No harm in putting the line in there, but the word from the US was that was where it was originally fitted, for their market.


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