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wiper box for 1968 Herald


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over Christmas I plan to remove the dashboard from my Herald and sort out some wiring and fix the wipers.

Mine is an early 1968 13/60 with the close together  wiper arms. Rimmers show this as  the 22 teeth wiper gear, the later ones after 69 have a 32 teeth gear. Only the later wiper boxes seem to be available.
On my car the wipers are covering about 180 degrees as there is so much wear in the gears (and probably the rack).

Can you rotate the wiper box gear so that the rack is operating on an unworn part of the gear or is it just a quadrant and not a complete gear? Not really sure how much angle the wipers are meant to cover. The alternative is to change the motor and the wiper box is there anything to stop me doing this?

At the moment just trying to sort the bits ready for when I get the dash out. :)



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pulling the rack and rotating the wheel box to run on the unused is something we did at twiddle day ,,just stick a card needle on the spline and make sure on refitting the rack the needle ends up 180deg  from original.

good place for parts ideas is  


also look at adjustable arms so you can fit longer blades  to improve vision 

all wipers have to flip flop properly any judder needs the arm stem twisting to give equal / \ on the up /down strokes 



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Thanks for the tip, I was hoping that I could do that, and for the link. At least I can get bits if I need to.
Had a hunt around my Triumph spares and realised that I have an old Herald and Old 2 speed GT wiper motors, I had forgotten that I had them. So will have a play to see if
I can convert the Herald to two speed (I know Nick has done this). 
It will be useful as we are planning another trip to Scotland in April next year and I don't expect the weather to be so kind as it was this year..... 

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many blades are awful, too hard and not good  squeegee 

some say bosch blades are good 

ended up with some stainless curved off ebay, 

talked to many places about getting a modern aero blade but unless you want an intrusive univesal awful  conversion none are make to fit any spline drive /bayonet  arms , most want a hooked arm which is the  modern spline/nut fitting we dont have , and wheel boxes witha modern drive are not available as far as i found 


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