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Wiper Motor queries

Andrew Palmer

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Dear all,

I have just opend up my Spitfire's wiper motor - the little gearbox is fairly packed with grease. Is this right? According to the manual, you're supposed to lubricate the crankpin and the crosshead end of the connecting rod only.

A related query: the manual specifies Shell Turbo 41 oil for the crankpin and Ragosine Listate grease for the connecting rod. Neither is available now. I've read that engine oil will do fine for the crankpin and white lithium grease spray for the connecting rod.  What do you think?

Many thanks!

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You don't want it too packed or it will do what my Spitfire did on its first decent outing, to the RBRR drivers' meeting at Gaydon. It was a miserable, damp day, so the wipers were on all the way. The grease got warm and runny, and the excess dribbled out of the gear shaft, all over the bulkhead.

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