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Vitesse gearbox overdrive conversion


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Just in the process of getting the final few parts to upgrade 3 rail 4 synchro  mk2 box . I already have a  new mainshaft TKC923 and d type overdrive from a GT6.

Just looking through the excellent pdf documents used on twiddle day and think I may have missed something

Looks like I will need to get a new speedo drive gear  .

Am I correct in assuming I will need to purchase p no 506099  in lieu of 119131 ? 

Is the fitting method of these identical ie push fit or is it circlip and ball ?

As they say the devil is in the detail.  The conversion kit listed in the mk2 parts manual does not mention anything about this but does list pinion 506119 replacing 119100

Overdrive came with angle drive and pinion fitted.

Cheers guys 


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506119  is already inside the d type

119131 is not required on a OD gearbox only a straight non OD box 

You  will,need  the pump  cam and its circlip and woodruff key and the anti rattle circlip that must be fitted to tkc923

And on a d type you must align the planet carrier has small etched marks and each gear has a best run tooth contact , one toot edge has a etched marker , you must align these when assembling it to the gearbox    they are not easy to find , 

Tip to  align the hubs inside tom get the shaft in fully   pry the piston plates to open the linings and clutch and it all pops on trapping the fingers if they get in the way   simpulze.


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You mean the pinion gear or the worm drive

The worm is clamped on the mainshaft by the coupling with a distance tube 

The pinion hsg is an assembly held in the case by a spigot bolt, theres a o ring seal on the hsg. And a oil seal inside to seal the shaft

All held together with swine of a pin to stop meddling

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yes Pete I meant the retention of the speedo gear onto the main shaft.

Trying to identify if there are other parts I need to purchase that are either not reusable on my current non o/d shaft or different on the o/d version.

Overdrive came with adaptors , angle drive , pinion and rear flange and got a clean bill of health from Overdrive Spares 

cannot find a picture of the exposed part of a  fully assembled o/d main shaft sticking out a box with o/d removed anywhere.

Managed to order pump cam and keyway today at good price from Moss who were only people with stock .. so we are getting there .

Some confusion over cam retaining circlip at the moment  , Spares manual says p no is 137308 but Rimmers and Canleys say this is for j type .

Rimmers don't seem to list a specific d type part and Canleys say d type part number  is 139532 but illustrations show this as differential part ( in line with spares manual )

spose could order one of each but he buggers are the best of nearly 4 quid a pop …. for a wire clip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Suspect that 137308  is the right part . 

thanks for your help.


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The speedo drive is entirely contained within the overdrive and has nothing to do with the gearbox mainshaft, when OD is fitted. The OD mainshaft is shorter than the non-OD and has a splined section and a bearing tip (not unlike the input shaft) instead of the non-OD one's larger bearing carrier, splines and threaded end.

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the od must surely come with the worm inside ???  

the mainshaft add on's are    check around prices vary a lot 

cam 513216   £31

woodruff key ( get two in case you loose one ) KW316    96p

cam circlip  137308  J and D are the same  £3.85-5.26

anti rattle spring ring ( fit in  flat groove in shaft  )  513223             £6.74



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Right , confusion over. I know understand.

I have found o/d exploded view showing speedo gear inside o/d. I had wrongly assumed that as non o/d gear is pressed onto the g/b mainshaft so was the o/d version.

I am now clear on what goes onto mainshaft and which bits I still need to get .

hopefully this is the last of the shopping. 






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Just to expand the Dtype gear markings ,  each of the 3 planet gears has a small etched dot  on the  edge of one tooth  this must align with the marks on the carrier 

This puts each gear in its best runnning position  otherwise might seem daft but misaligned can end up with only one gear taking the full load and the other  two free wheeling,  dont have this on J types

Get it wrong and it can fail or vibrate .... a lot.

  They can take a bit of finding

Just be aware being helicals the gears can move as you assemble it all  ,,, do keep and eye on them 


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so happy christmas,

the gear aligning is only if you strip the unit , im sure the OD  co will have assembled it correctly

remember what i said about two pry bars to open the piston plates  with a little  leverage this opens the clutch linnings and allows the internal hubs align with the new mainshaft as you drop the od onto the gearbox 

if you read the manual it says use a long screwdriver down inside and try to align the hubs ....yeh !


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Paul you asked about baulkrings 

theres a lot more   to it , the sliding sleeve and the dog teeth on the gearwheel must have a well defined 55deg chamfer , not something chimbled up due to crashing, its these that make the baulk and stop the selection till synchronised , known as rock over , if the angles are worn then the ring will let go halfway through the change and you get the crashing , its not always the actual ring , 

sorry Australian version below   ( bit from Rootes Group)


syncho and howi.jpg

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