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Hello Triumph fans!

My name is Roman and I'm from Slovenia. Last week, in Germany, I bought the 1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500 as a car for reconstruction. I want to register a car in Slovenia, and for the needs of the tax authority, I need an approved technical document with all data (I do not know the exact English phrase) for this typ of car from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer. Sorry, the original German document (attachments) that I have for our bureaucrats is not enough.

I ask for advice or solutions

Greetings from Slovenia!





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Have a look at this site, the British motor museum. They issue certificates from original factory documents of heritage vehicles. The DVLA, the UK Driver and Licensing Authority take the certificate as proof of authenticity. At one time in the UK heritage vehicle tax was dependent on the year of manufacture and not date of first registration. This certificate has this information and the DVLA accepted it as proof. Your authorities may also accept it as a valid document.


Good luck!



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