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Thump noise, when braking a bit harder


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Hi Dave

i had exactly the same symptoms as you are describing. Yes you are in the right area.  My off side rear wheel cylinder seized up in the expanded position and just like you the cylinders were only three years old.  What the thumping noise is is the cylinders slipping on the back plate as it should trying to stop the car.  It was a quick fix two new cylinders as problem solved.



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Hi. Well finally got around to stripping the rear brakes. Cylinders don't appear to be sticking, with a bit of pedal pressure, though one side was weeping a bit, so new ones on the way.

Yes Colin, there is a bit of brake plate groove wear, more so on one side. No welder to fill these, so have just smoothed off wear edges with a mini dremel thing so cylinders should slide easier.

I did notice that the lever pivot pins sit in the cylinder channel, a bit proud of the slide surface and assume this promotes the groove wear and the thumping.

I think I read a thread ages ago on CT where Bill Davis reckoned it was common with modern cylinders and to dress down the channel a bit so the pin is flush.

Think I will give this a go, if the new cylinders are the same.

What do you think?.

Cheers, Dave

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